Performance as Practice | solo and collaborative development 
Workshop co-led by Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa

June 17., 18., & 19., 2016 in Vienna
WHEN: June 17: 15:00-20:00, and June 18.&19.: 11:00-16:00
WHERE: WUK Währinger Str. 59, 1090 Wien
Fee: 25 Euros per day, 60 Euros all three days
register here: schaitlcosta@gmail.com
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IMG_1186_online Performance as Practice is a practical workshop, focused on interdisciplinary performance. PaP is open to dance, movement, performance art, improvisation and other performing artists of all levels, professional and university, who are interested in further developing a solo and collaborative body-based art practice.

Jasmin and Bilwa will introduce various approaches to creating and/or developing a personal performance practice, including: concept development, preparation, experimentation, and execution. Particpants will explore different aspects, elements, 4-PaP Kopiedisciplines, modes and methods of performance; and will create, develop, and execute site-specific works. The goal is to identify and develop a personal practice which is applicable to solo and group situations.

-SELF: body, perception, senses, movement, sound, gaze, proximity, distance
-TIME: duration, tempo, timing, ephemerality, stillness, slowness
-SOUND: listening, resonance, reverberation, acoustics, projection, silence
-SCORES: parameters, structures, outlines, guidelines, improvisation,3-PaP composition, notation
-SPACE: site – specific, site – relative, site – responsive, intervention, framing
-OBJECTS: elements, installation, archive, remnants, left-overs
-MATERIALS: alteration, score, extension, transformation, installation
Please bring:
– comfortable clothes and shoes for the studio, drinks and snacks
– a book or paper to make notes
– one object & one material (Note: choose a material which doesn’t leave a mess)


fall/winter 2016

October 2016, Vienna
Jasmin and Bilwa will give 2 more intensive Workshop-Blocks of
Performance as Practice
on two weekends at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna