sense and experience

sense and experience is a workshop for artists of all levels and disciplines (performance art, movement, dance, improvisation, and visual arts) interested in exploring solo and collaborative practices. This workshop proposes different approaches to body perceptions and relationships. Participants will explore their individual potential through various techniques of sensory perception, such as heightening and omitting senses. We will experiment with improvisation and assessment of and response to: time, space, sound and their correlation to the human senses.The goal of this workshop is to expand personal performance/artistic palettes and working methods.

sense and experience is based on the collaborative practice of Bilwa and Jasmin Schaitl. Their collaboration explores the potentials and correlation of transformation, alteration, duration and ephemerality; and incorporates movement, sound, action, materials, objects, the body, improvisation, and composition. They have performed together in Berlin, Tallinn, Istanbul, Oslo, and Vienna.

 Past sense and experience workshops:

– Nov 2013: 3 day intensive, Synkoop, Vienna, Austria
– July 2014: 3 day intensive, Ptarmigan, Tallinn, Estonia

photos by Jasmin Schaitl: showing of workshop at Ptarmigan, Tallinn EE, August 2014
with: Annika Kangur, Liisa Lotte, Søren Peter Sieg Mørch, Anna-Maria Rockwell und Mayumi Arai

ws-tallinn 1
ws tallinn liisa lotte
ws tallinn soren peter morch
ws tallinn- anna maria rockwell